Custom Gunsafe Gun Cabinet
Our Services

Our primary goal is to offer people s source for quality Amish hand made furniture.  We work directly with local Amish craftsmen in the Illinois Amish country.  Many Amish shops are cottage industries which means that they do not have display rooms and do not allow the general public to visit their shops.  We work with customers to help them design a gun cabinet or other piece of furniture and then personally visit and work with the Amish shops to have that piece crafted.

There are numerous stores and sites on the internet that claim to sell "Amish" furniture.  These shops usually have their furniture mass produced in factories and slap a tag on it or have an Amish finishing shop put a coat of finish on it so that they can claim it as "Amish made".  All of our pieces of furniture are 100% from top to bottom Amish custom crafted.  Our craftsmen order the lumber in, mill, assemble, sand, cut, finish, and everything else right in their shop.  We know this because we personally see and put our hands on the furniture throughout the crafting process.

None of our pieces go down an assembly line or have computer equipment automating the making process.  The local Amish craftsmen still use traditional Old World techniques to craft each piece.  They use such methods as hand sanding and hand rubbing stain into each piece.  Most of our shops are family run shops with the father crafting the furniture and daughter, wife, and son doing the staining and finishing process.

We work as a conduit to express your needs and wishes to the craftsmen and guarantee you get the piece you want.  We will work with you in our store, over email, or over the phone to discuss styles, stains, woods, and dimensions.  We then visit the Amish shops to get a bid on the piece.  At that point we work out detailed spec sheets and drawings and/or photos that we send to you for you to inspect and make changes if needed.  After the spec sheets are verified and approved we visit the Amish shops once again and get the order started.  Throughout the crafting experience we have the chance to inspect your custom gun cabinet to ensure everything is properly crafted. We personally visit our Amish woodworkers approximately 3 times a week with new orders and furniture inspections.  After the piece is crafted and a final inspection is made we then have the piece blanket wrapped and crated and delivered directly to your door.

We have knowledgeable staff that can work with you to ensure that you have the gun cabinet made the way you want.  You don't have to settle on something you see in a picture.  We allow you to make the changes necessary to make the piece one of a kind made specifically for you.  Our staff has been dealing with the Amish craftsmen for decades and have experience and the know how to ask the proper questions and make sure the pieces are properly crafted.  We then go over the proper care of you cabinet to ensure that it will last for generations to come.